Code Name: "Operation Black Thunder"
"This Time It Takes Some Dirty Cops To Save The World"
Code Name: "Operation Black Thunder" was our first Short Film. We achieved our goal on filming a daring an unconventional short film. This film achieved several Awards and multiple Nominations during the 2010 Festival Circuit. Its nominations include "Best International Short Film" at the 2010 International Filmmakers Festival in United Kingdom. Only five films were nominated for this Award. Also it was one of the Top 6 Finalists at the 2010 1st Openfilm "Get It Made Contest" where it was competing for a $250,000 Grand Prize. The Cast was amazing. After the culmination of this production a family was born: "The S.W.A.T.S. Films Family". The chemistry among the Actors and Crew was spectacular. So amazing that today we still are a big family.
Edgar Jimz
Bill Geary
Richard Lampone
Carlee M. Costello
Best International Short Film at the International Filmmakers Festival
Best Staten Island Local Film
Best New Filmmaker at the Staten Island Film Festival
Best Mini-Movie at the Bare Bones International Film Festival
Best Action Picture at the Bare Bones International Film Festival
Award for Best Action Picture at the BBIFF
Award of Merit Short Film at The Accolade
Award of Excellence for Best Supporting S. Morales
Award of Merit for Director Edgar Jimz
Top 6 Finalist Openfilm 1st Get It Made Contest
When our Intelligence Agencies are infiltrated by a terrorist organization and can no longer be trusted, seven disgraced New York City Cops are selected to stop the worst terrorist attack in US history. By fate or destiny, one of these cop will become an unconventional "vigilante". He will fight Evil with Evil.
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"This Time It Takes Some Dirty Cops To Save The World"